Thursday, 16 July 2015


Avoid the ZTL

The ZTL is an issue that many tourists aren’t aware of. They should be, however, as it is the main reason tourists are fined when traveling in Italy. Most towns in Italy protect their historical center, which is where most of the attractions are, by defining it as a ZTL, a limited traffic area, where only residents can drive and/or park. There are security cameras at the entrance to any ZTL area that register your vehicle number and send you, or your rental company, a fine, which, together with handling fees charged by the rental company, will be about €100.What does a ZTL sign look like? A white circle surrounded by a red ring and next to it another sign saying ZTL (or zona traffico limitato).

Don’t drink and drive

The maximum amount of alcohol permitted in your blood while driving is 0.5 mg/ml. This is especially relevant if you plan on doing any wine tasting in the many delightful little vineyards scattered throughout Tuscany during your trip.

Know your roads

There are two kinds of highways in Italy: free and toll. Those with a toll are called autostrada, and they are marked with green road signs. The free roads have different names but are always marked with blue road signs. From Pisa to Florence, for example, you can take the free, blue-marked Fi-Pi-Li, or the Autostrada A11, which is a motorway with a toll, marked with green signs. The advantages of the tolled autostrada are that it takes less time to reach your destination and the maximum speed limit is higher. It can be up as high as 130 kph (kilometers per hour).

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